Eternal Sun provides specialized solar simulation systems that allow our customers in the automotive industry to test, inspect and certify automotive components in order to improve and sell them. Various forms of degradation testing, like weathering or accelerated life time testing (ALT), belong to the possibilities. Users can gain in-depth knowledge about the performance under extreme environmental conditions of newly developed parts or components. That is how the solar simulation systems of Eternal Sun contribute to innovation and durability.

R&D in Automotive

Within automotive research and development departments there is a need to efficiently and accurately investigate prototypes or car components in an experimental setting. A reliable and high quality setup allows the R&D department to effectively analyze and improve their prototypes for commercialization. With skilled expertise and testing equipment Eternal Sun helps R&D parties in the automotive industry to develop better cars and components that can get to the global market faster.

Manufacturing in Automotive

For manufacturers of automotive products and components, quality and quality control is essential. They can strongly benefit from sample or spot testing in different stages of the production process; it will lower risks and can save money by reducing the amount of rejects as a result of fabrication improvements. Degradation is the mayor cause for breakdown of plastic automotive parts, which can be prevented by testing on UV resistance and weathering. Certification of automotive components is done by independent institutes performing the same test procedures. With our expertise and high quality testing equipment Eternal Sun ensures manufacturers to produce cars that are reliable in any climate.

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