With our expertise in solar testing equipment and services we enable R&D organizations to develop better solar products with a shorter time to market, optimized for their local climate and local conditions. We provide reliable and high accuracy test setups, which allow R&D departments to efficiently analyze and improve their prototypes for commercialization. Whether this is a solar module, a set of solar cells, or a solar thermal collector.

”ECN is very pleased with the equipment that Eternal Sun has supplied. We are now able to measure behavior of PV modules that we were not able to measure before.”
Jan Bultman – Director Business Development North America
ECN, North America

“TNO developed a unique hybrid degradation test setup, for which we purchased a solar simulator from Eternal Sun, which we have combined with a climate chamber. We are pleased with the performance of the solar simulator, which has been in use for over 14.000 hours and we expect to obtain many more interesting test results with it in the future.”
Dr. Mirjam Theelen – Research Scientist Thin Film Technology
TNO, the Netherlands

We enable performance characterization of all next generation PV module types like high efficiency c-Si, PERC, HJT, bifacial, CIGS, amorphous silicon and other thin-film modules. Even organic solar cells and PV modules with integrated electronics can be tested. In addition, the continuous artificial sunlight allows more test procedures (from the IEC61215:2016 and far beyond) to be executed than would be possible with traditional flash testers.

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