Reliability Research

Unique properties

The climate chamber with integrated solar simulator is the perfect setup to perform solar testing under controlled environmental conditions. Accelerated life testing (ALT), LID testing, PID testing and weathering are among the options. The climate chamber and solar simulator unit come in multiple standard sizes. For solar module or cell testing purposes, user-friendly IV-measurement equipment is provided with the solar simulation system.

Main characteristics

  • Can be used for multiple cells, mini modules or full size modules
  • Unique sunlight, humidity and temperature control
  • AAA-class (IEC60904-9:2007) accuracy sunlight
  • Steady-state sunlight inside climate chamber
  • Integrated computer controlled system
  • 1800 hours non-stop testing
  • Suited for ISO17025 accreditation


  • IV characterization system
  • Light monitoring system


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