Solar Lab


Eternal Sun offers a wide range of lab equipment to deliver turn-key test stands and fully equipped testing and certification laboratories for PV modules and solar thermal collectors. Solar thermal test systems, electric test instruments, climate chambers and wet leakage setups are supplied to enable performing complete qualification sequences according to the international standards.

Solar thermal test systems

The solar thermal test system is used to determine the performance of solar thermal collectors with high accuracy, according to all the international standards for solar thermal collectors. The system can be applied in outdoor testing; in combination with an outdoor test setup, and indoor testing; in combination with a solar simulator. Test and determine the steady-state and quasi-dynamic thermal performance of solar thermal collectors, as well as the reliability, stagnation temperature, thermal capacity, time constant, and pressure drop.

Included in all models:
  • High stability massflow: stability ±1%
  • High accuracy measurement of massflow: uncertainty <1%
  • High accuracy measurement of in- and outlet pressure
  • User friendly software for Windows
  • Industrial computer
  • 19inch monitor
  • Keyboard & Mouse

Outdoor Solar Test System

The dual-axis solar tracking test system allows accurate outdoor testing of PV modules and solar thermal collectors with real sunlight. The test frame continuously aims at the sun using a unique sensor system. The outdoor solar test-system therefore enables maximal usage of available sunlight for testing and certification according to the common (IEC/EN/ISO) international test standards.

Wet Leakage Systems

The wet leakage and insulation test setup let you perform wet leakage current testing and insulation testing of PV panels according to the standard test norms. Moreover, the advanced setup also enables rain penetration testing of solar thermal collectors under predefined angles using the special spray-rack.

UV preconditioning system

The UV preconditioning system produces UV light according to the IEC61215:2016 - 4.10 UV preconditioning test. It produces twice as much UV light as the sun and can also be used for degradation of any other material.


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