Solar Competence Center

Solar Competence Center

From the manufacturing plant to the power plant Eternal Sun offers their experience and their solar testing services to support your solar project. Their engineers are specially skilled in measurements on (large) PV modules and are able to help you decide on technology and brand. The Solar Competence Center is equipped with a class AAA steady state solar simulator and a class AAA flash simulator. Our center is ready to test every PV technology currently out there.

Quality Assurance

Your PV modules are shipped to the Solar Competence Center in the Hague, tested by the engineers of Eternal Sun, shipped back to you, and accompanied with an official and independent test report. The absolute accuracy of our measurements is regularly checked and confirmed with calibration modules from European calibration institutes. Testing options include performance at STC and NOCT, pre-conditioning and light soaking, long term reliability, extensive IV curve analyses. Performance testing covers the basic parameters: Pmax, Voc, Isc, Vmpp, Impp, Eta, Rshunt, and Rseries. Additional services offered are EL imaging, hot-spot testing, visual inspection and PV module cleaning, sorting and repacking.

Solar Competence Center Location

The Solar Competence Center is located only 16 km from the seaport of Rotterdam and 98 km from Antwerp, where many PV modules find their way to the European market. The center has excellent logistic facilities for pallet to pallet mass inspection & testing of modules and is located in the municipality of The Hague.

Please contact the Solar Competence Center at testservice (@) to learn more about the way Eternal Sun can help you or contact us if you are interested.