System Support

System Support

Eternal Sun is committed to helping you acquire the most accurate test data. That is why we offer an annual maintenance service.


The annual maintenance includes system and component checks, cleaning, air filter replacements, lamp replacements or calibration, according to the requirements of the customer. Proper maintenance is essential to maximize the reliability of your test data. A poorly checked instrument may produce results that are inaccurate, which diminishes the repeatability and reproducibility of the data. Many of our producing customers use our maintenance service to prevent a possible downtime, which can delay production and a product’s time to market, or even spoil a long-term research project.


The solar simulators made by Eternal Sun are carefully calibrated to guarantee the highest accuracy light spectrum, uniformity and stability. Unique is that the illumination technique that is applied is robust and remains steady for a long period of time without any adjustments. For those who need to be certain, we offer periodic calibration with the maintenance service to make sure that the test equipment keeps delivering precise measurement data, year after year. Please contact us to learn more about the possibilities of our calibration services.