High Accuracy PV Testing in Rotterdam and Valencia

We offer test services to solar panel buyers

Eternalsun is also your premier provider of top-notch quality control laboratory services for photovoltaic modules in Europe’s key ports: the Dutch port of Rotterdam, operated through OdinSpire and the port of Valencia in Spain, served by Spire Solar Iberia.

Our comprehensive range of services includes Factory Inspection Services in China and Onsite Testing, ensuring that our customers receive end-to-end quality assurance for their PV modules. With these top-quality services, you can rest assured that the modules’ quality and performance are thoroughly evaluated during production, before ownership transfer, and at the final installation stage.

Trust us to deliver reliable results and peace of mind throughout your photovoltaic journey.



Strategically located inside the warehouse of Odin -the largest PV logistics warehouse in the world where most PV manufacturers store their products- our test center enables customers to test their PV modules without the hassle of shipping or long delays with test reports. If you buy modules from Tier-1 manufacturers, chances are that your modules are already at our testing center!


Located within the logistics hub of Europe’s leading warehousing and logistics provider for the PV industry, Amara, our high accuracy laboratory at the Port of Valencia in Spain is strategically positioned. This allows our valued customers the unique opportunity to access Laboratory Quality Services, empowering them to verify the quality and performance of solar modules before taking ownership.

Low measurement uncertainty

IV & EL testing

At OdinSpire and Spire Solar Iberia, we take immense pride in our cutting-edge testing facilities. Our climate-controlled test area is meticulously designed to deliver unparalleled accuracy, boasting a measurement uncertainty of only 2%. This remarkable level of precision sets us apart from conventional testing equipment, which typically exhibits measurement uncertainties as high as 5-6%.

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