Micro uniformity Measurement tool

Measure the micro (high resolution) uniformity of pulsed solar simulators

Flasher Solar simualtor for microuniformity measurement system

Fast and accurate calibration of flash solar simulators

This is a measurement tool that was developed by Eternalsun Spire to allow high accuracy and high-speed micro (high resolution) uniformity measurements of flash solar simulators as it is recommended by IEC 60904-9 Edition 3 (2020). It consists of 64 micro cells and enables to measure the full surface of Eternalsun Spire solar simulators in only 24 flashes. The MuM can be used to all table-top solar simulators and with mechanical adapters can be used to tunnel type flashers as well.


How to achieve low measurement uncertainty when testing half-cut cell and shingled modules? A+ micro-uniformity is key!

Half- cut cell modules are dominating the market and it is predicted that by 2030 they will account for 60% of the market. Measuring this type of technology in an A+  solar simulator without good micro (high resolution) uniformity can result in class B uniformity. Eternalsun Spire solar simulators have A+ micro uniformity and can be fast and accurate calibrated using our Micro uniformity Measurement (MuM) system.

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