Spire Single Long Pulse Manufacturing Flasher

Class A+A+A+ (IEC 60904-9 ed. 3.0) at 2,6 m x 1,4 m test area

Flasher solar simulator and electical cabinet

Accurate & repeatable power determination of all PV types and technologies in module production lines

Spire Xenon Single Long Pulse solar simulator is designed for high volume production testing of PV modules.

The system has a Class A+A+A+ classification according to IEC 60904-9 edition 3.0 for spectrum, spatial uniformity, and temporal stability.

To get control of your “measurement uncertainty” the system has a measurement repeatability of below 0.15%. It delivers accurate and repeatable power measurements, enabling traceability to international gold module standards certified by the world’s leading certification bodies.

Manufacturing Spire flasher stands far above other systems by combining the best technical specifications, with the lowest cost of ownership.

Spire solar simulator inverted

Xenon Single Long Pulse >170ms without the need for software corrections

Spire flashers are the most stable and accurate solar simulators in the industry and it has become the industry standard for PV manufacturers.


Flexible line integration

PV Modules can be placed with sunny side up or down

What sets this product apart

  • Class A+A+A+ IEC 60904-9 ed. 3.0

    Simulated light with wavelengths between 300 nm and 1200 nm ensures true Pmax output

  • Superior repeatability and reproducibility

    Repeatability < 0.15% and reproducibility < ±0.20% for long-term simulator stability and “matching” of simulators across multiple plant locations

  • High thoughput

    Best form factor for inline automation interfaces combined with high throughput of 20-second typical cycle time

  • High resolution uniformity

    Micro (high resolution) uniformity is important to accurately test half-cut and shingled PV modules

  • Spectral Coverage (SPC) >99%

    High SPC helps to prove light content between 300-350 nm and 1150-1200 nm, necessary to show the gain of high-efficiency modules

  • 2,6 m x 1,4 m test area

    Our solar simulators are suitable to test all PV sizes, from mini-modules up to the largest modules expected in the market

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