Steady State LED solar simulator

The Class A+A+A+ LED Light Soaker is Eternal Sun's LED-based centrepiece and boasts features unmatched in the entire industry. From highly accurate testing of mini PV modules for scaling up Perovskite/Tandem technology or full-scale PV modules of any available PV technology, the LED Light Soaker can do it all.

Our next-generation LED-based steady-state simulator

Our next-generation LED steady-state solar simulator is designed to prove the stability, reliability and performance of all PV technologies, including Perovskite and Tandem.

Its exceptional stability, uniformity, and spectral match, align perfectly with the highest industry standards. With precise temperature control and adjustable irradiance features, you can effortlessly tailor the testing environment to your specific needs. Additionally, our steady-state solar simulator offers a wide and tunable spectrum, perfect for tandem matching, granting you unparalleled flexibility in your research and experimentation.

The system has garnered immense recognition and trust among leading research and quality control labs. Successfully installed in prestigious facilities worldwide, it stands as the go-to choice for top-tier researchers and manufacturers.


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What sets this LED-based steady-state solar simulator apart

  • A+A+A+

    A+A+A+ Flash and steady state

    Accurate performance and long term stability measurements

  • Wide and adjustable spectrum

    300-1200nm spectral range and tandem matching capability

  • 15°C - 85°C temperature control range

    A temperature chamber can be added

  • Test every module size

    From mini to very large modules

  • Modular desing

    Test multiple mini cells/modules simultaneously

  • Selected by leading RnD labs and manufacturers

    80 systems ordered, >40 systems delivered and installed

installation of Perovskite PV modules
Feature of the LED Light Soaker

Unlock the Potential of Perovskite and Tandem PV Module Technologies

Discover the future of PV with Perovskite and tandem PV module technologies. While these groundbreaking technologies show immense promise, their reliability and stability are critical factors that need to be addressed. At Eternal Sun, we offer customized PV module testing tools that are designed to prove the reliability of these innovative technologies, setting a new standard for performance and efficiency.

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