The High Performance Light Soaker has been replaced by the LED Light Soaker

High Performance Light Soaker (replaced)

The High Performance Light Soaker is currently not being produced anymore. Its successor is the LED Light Soaker which is able to do everything the High Performance Light Soaker can do and more. Please check out our Steady State LED solar simulator by clicking on the picture below.

Details of the replaced High Performance Light Soaker

a researcher places PV module inside a temperature control solar simulator

Eternalsun Spire has developed an AAA+ High-Performance Light Soaker (HPLS) with extremely accurate temperature control and in-situ IV characterization. The system combines AAA+ class steady-state illumination (IEC 60904-9 ed. 3) and extremely accurate and uniform temperature control from 25 to 95 C.

The HPLS enables the study of degradation effects that potentially predict overtime underperformance of solar plants simulating real-life conditions. It can measure the metastability of thin-film modules such as CIGS, CdTe, GaAs; accurately perform IV measurements of OPV, perovskite and tandem cells; perform temperature coefficient and energy rating measurements.

Humidity control can be added.

installation of Perovskite PV modules

Accurately test the efficiency and reliability of Perovskite and Tandem PV modules

A class steady-state illumination, adjustable spectrum, light stability and temperature control enables precise measurements of these innovative technologies at STC conditions


IEC tests of traditional and innovative PV technologies

With the HPLS, RnD and certification/test labs can perform:

⇒Accurate power determination of all PV module types and technologies

⇒Stabilization and LeTID tests

⇒Accurate temperature coefficient measurements

⇒Energy rating tests

What sets this product apart

  • AAA+ according to IEC 60904-9 ed.3

    Ensure low measurement uncertainty with high-class steady state solar simulator

  • Lightsoaking and Insitu IV measurements

    Accurately measure Pmax of PV modules under continuous light conditions

  • Stable and uniform temperature control

    AAA+ class with insitu measurements in temperature (and humidity) controlled environment

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    Advanced LeTID tests

    Study Light Induced Degradation in Elevated Temperatures (LeTID) to observe PV module performance over time under

  • Proven technology

    Used by leading RnD and test labs since 2011

  • Test every size

    Our solar simulators are suitable to test all PV sizes, from mini-modules up to the largest modules expected in the market

  • Modular design

    Can test 2 modules simultaneously

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