For all PV Technologies: PERC, TOPCon, HJT, IBC, Perovskite, Tandem and Thin Film

Laboratory solar simulators

We want our customers to be sure about solar. That is why we are the leading company in the world to provide A+A+A+ solar simulators for PV laboratory purposes. Please select the Laboratory Solar simulator type of your choice in the options below.

XENON-based SPIRE Lab flasher

Our Spire Laboratory Flasher has an unprecedented track record among leading R&D labs and PV testing labs around the world. And it is thanks to this decades-long history that our customers feel sure about solar. Would you like to know more about our Class A+A+A+ XENON based Spire laboratory solar simulator (flasher)? Then please Click on the link below to receive more information.

Flasher solar simulator and electical cabinet

LED Light soaker for Laboratory purposes

It’s the flagship of many leading PV laboratories around the world: the LED Light soaker of Eternal Sun. It has the ability to measure the performance of all PV technologies while doing steady state testing. Whether it is PV modules based on PERC, TOPCon, HJT, IBC, Perovskite, Tandem or Thin Film, this LED-based test solution ensures that you and your customers can be confident of the final test result.

Many leading PV Laboratories and R&D institutes around the  world are working very hard to make the (potential) next generation Perovskite/Tandem PV modules in order to take efficiency to the next level. But without accurate testing solutions it is very hard to create full size PV modules. Fortunately, Eternal Sun’s LED Light Soaker can be used to test during scale up from mini modules up to full size Perovskite/Tandem modules.

SPIRE Temperature Controlled Lab Flasher

For the performance of solar panels, ambient temperature is crucial. For accurate testing, it can therefore be important to be able to test under precise temperature conditions. That is why Eternal Sun has developed a temperature controlled solution that can be used to test PV modules. Click on the link below to receive more information about our Spire Temperature Controlled Lab Flasher.

Engineer testing PV module on a Temperature Control Lab Flasher solar simulator