Mini module Steady State LED Light Soaker

The Class A+A+A+ mini LED Light Soaker provides PV R&D labs with a characterisation tool to gear up for the Perovskite revolution. This mini Led Light soaker is available with custom sizing and spectral range and is being used by R&D labs for testing the power, degradation, and stability of new module technologies such as Perovskite & Tandems.

A small solar simulator that can help you change the world

r and d tester mini modules

Developments within the solar industry have been rapid in recent years. And now we may be on the verge of another radical step: the advent of Tandem/Perovskite PV modules. And as is true of so many great technological developments, they often start in the small. This small solar simulator is ideal for the process of scaling up from solar cell-level to ever larger PV mini-modules.

Important features of this solar simulator are:

  • 50x50cm testing area to fit mini-modules and/or multiple test samples
  • Available in wide or extra-wide active spectrum range
  • Steady State Class A+A+A+, up to 36.000h without interruption
  • Precise sample temperature control (15-80°C)
  • Full range IV measurement system from 60mA – 20A
    and reliable MPP Tracking

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Optimizing test methods for Tandem/Perovksite PV power stability: scaling up to modules

Webinar by Eternal Sun CTO Stefan Roest

In the webinar below Eternal Sun CTO Stefan Roest elaborates on optimizing test methods for Tandem/Perovskite PV power stability. Would you like to watch this webinar for free? Just request access through the button below and we will send you an invitation to watch the video.

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Optimizing test methods for perovskite tandem PV power stability

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What sets this LED-based steady-state solar simulator apart

  • A+A+A+

    A+A+A+ Flash and steady state

    Accurate performance and long term stability measurements

  • Wide and adjustable spectrum

    Available in wide or extra-wide active spectrum range

  • 15°C - 80°C temperature control range

    Precise temperature control (15-80°C)

  • Scaling up to mini-modules

    For modules up to 50x50 cm

  • Full range IV measurement system

    Full range IV measurement system from 60mA – 20A and reliable MPP Tracking for accurate testing

  • Proven technology

    Used by leading RND labs

installation of Perovskite PV modules
Feature of the Mini LED Light Soaker

Unlock the Potential of Perovskite and Tandem PV Module Technologies

Discover the future of PV with Perovskite and tandem PV module technologies. While these groundbreaking technologies show immense promise, their reliability and stability are critical factors that need to be addressed. At Eternal Sun, we offer customized PV module testing tools that are designed to prove the reliability of these innovative technologies, setting a new standard for performance and efficiency.

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