Uniformity Calibration Robot

Measure the uniformity of steady state solar simulators

calibration robot within a sollar simulator


Fast and high-resolution non-uniformity measurements of steady-state solar simulators.

Light uniformity of a steady state solar simulator should be measured and calibrated regularly to maintain low non-uniformity values. The Uniformity Calibration Robot (UCR) improves the process of measuring the non-uniformity of a steady state simulator significantly over traditional methods.

Instead of moving a small reference cell across the test plane manually over two axes, the UCR utilizes a long measurement module that spans the entire width of a PV module and moves automatically along one axis over the test plane area.

This results in a faster, easier and more accurate measurement and calibration process allowing for lower non-uniformity results in a short maintenance interval.

The URC consists of 32 cells and is able to test the full test surface of Eternalsun Spire steady-state simulators in less than 1 minute. The system can be used to all vertical or horizontal solar simulators.


Non-uniformity of irradiance is the second biggest source of measurement uncertainty in PV module testing.

Using a solar simulator with a low non-uniformity specification and being able to maintain that specification is important to achieve a low measurement uncertainty. Our UCR is an improved method to accurately and easily calibrate the irradiance solar simulators and achieve low measurement uncertainty levels.

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