For high accuracy temperature coefficient (IEC 61215) and energy rating (IEC 61853) measurements

SPIRE Temperature Controlled PV Laboratory solar Flasher

The SPIRE Spire Temperature Controlled PV Laboratory solar Flasher is the most accurate PV lab solar simulator for power determination, temperature coefficients and energy rating regarding PV modules. The solution allows you to do determine temperature coefficients according to IEC 61215 and Energy ratings according to IEC 61853.

SPIRE Temperature Controlled Lab Flasher

Engineer testing PV module on a Temperature Control Lab Flasher solar simulator

With the TCLF, RnD and certification labs can perform:

  • Accurate power determination of all new high efficiency modules
  • Testing bifacial PV modules
  • Accurate measurements of temperature coefficients
  • Accurate determination of energy rating

The Temperature Controlled Lab Flasher (TCLF) consists of A+A+A+ Xenon Single Long Pulse Spire solar simulator and temperature-controlled chamber. The Spire lab flasher provides superior measurement accuracy and precision for critical module performance measurements.

The system delivers a Class A+ 300nm-1200nm spectrum (SPC >99%) in addition to Class A + uniformity and temporal stability in combination with a measurement repeatability of ≤ 0.15%.

The solar simulator’s unique feature of 230ms single pulse duration supports maximum module power determination of high-efficiency silicon, thin-film, PERC, HIT and multi-junction modules that exhibit internal capacitance effects.

The add-on temperature control chamber enables accurate temperature-related tests. The chamber’s temperature range is 10-85C and temperature uniformity± 1C.

The chamber can be added to existing Spire flashers.

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an icon showing a larger size pv module

Is your lab ready for 600W+ PV modules?

2,6 m x 1,4 m area to enable testing of the largest modules expected in the market.

two researchers testing PV modules in a lab

Decrease measurement uncertainty of temperature coefficients

The superior light quality and extremely stable & uniform temperature control decrease measurement uncertainty by half, compared to traditional testing setups.

Testing according to International standards

  • IEC 61215: 2016
    Photovoltaic (PV) module Design qualification and type approval
  • IEC 61853-1: 2011
    Energy Rating - Irradiance and temperature performance measurements and power rating (power matrix)

What sets the Temperature Controlled Lab Flasher apart?

  • 2 70ms

    Xenon Single Long Pulse up to 230ms

    Accurately measure high capacitive PV modules such as PERC, HIT, IBC etc. without the need of software correction

  • 300-1200nm wide spectum

    Simulated light with wavelengths between 300 and 1200nm according to IEC 60904-9 ed. 3 ensures true Pmax output of high-efficiency technologies

  • Spectral Coverage (SPC) >99%

    High SPC helps to prove light content between 300-350nm and 1150-1200nm, necessary to prove the gain of high-efficiency modules

  • High resolution uniformity

    Micro (high resolution) uniformity is important to accurately test half-cut and shingled PV modules

  • Extremely uniform temperature control

    Temperature range from 15 to 75 °C with ±1°C temperature uniformity on 9 sensors

  • Fast and accurate IEC 61853-1

    Test at different temperature and irradiance levels according to IEC 61853-1:2016 in just 3 hours

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