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PV module testing in the port of Rotterdam

The solar market is booming. A tremendous amount of PV modules is shipped from China, India, Vietnam and other Asian countries towards Europe. About 80% of all PV modules with destination Europe will enter the port of Rotterdam at some point. Eternal Sun wants you to be sure about solar. Therefore we have established a PV testing location inside the port of Rotterdam at the location of Odin Warehousing. Here you can have your purchased PV modules tested independently by Eternal Sun’s state of the art solar simulators. It’s even possible to have the PV modules tested before passing the Dutch customs.

OdinSpire, PV module testing before ownership transfer in the port of Rotterdam

80% of Europe's PV modules pass through the port of Rotterdam

Being a partnership between Odin Warehousing and Eternal Sun, The PV module testing company OdinSpire represents the very best of two worlds. Odin Warehousing, located at the Maasvlakte, is an important logistical chain in Europe’s main PV module haven: the port of Rotterdam, where 80% of Europe’s PV modules pass through.

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The different components of PV module testing at OdinSpire

During a PV module test at the independent OdinSpire laboratory, the solar panels will be tested according to severe standards. The PV module tests may contain a thorough visual inspection, EL testing and IV testing. During the visual inspection, the PV modules will be inspected in terms of waterproof connections, visible damages, JB and wiring. During the EL inspection potential microcracks in the modules will be assessed. Finally, the IV inspection will be used to assess the Pmax of the PV module. During this test a state-of-the-art solar simulator of Eternal Sun will be used.

Sure about solar? Then a factory inspection might be great idea!

In China, India or South East-Asia by local team: audits, production supervision, independent third lab testing, pre-shipment tests

During an PV module test before ownership transfer, you will be able to get a pretty good idea about the quality status of the PV modules you have purchased. However, in order to be sure about solar it might be recommendable to set up a full Factory Inspection as well. During this Inspection the manufacturer in Asia will be audited and inspected by an independent local team. Would you like to know more about Factory inspections? Then click on the button below.

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